Recently we watched Mark Zuckerberg testify on Capitol Hill in regards to Facebook and mistakes that were possibly made in regards to user privacy. We also heard his pledge to make things better and address concerns. I was just on Facebook on Monday morning and saw this message that was sent, a response to user concerns.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

I don't really worry about Facebook, it really can only share info your willing to share. I searched this week for a "have-a-heart" cage to catch this crazy raccoon that won't leave us alone, if the Russians collect this data then I hope they at least have some tips on how to catch this raccoon. My point is that the info I generate, and probably you do as well, is nothing that will contribute to the downfall of America. With all the Birthday wishes I received over the weekend I assume the Russians now know that too. Am I wrong for my way of thinking?

One of the first things I did change was that I removed my cell phone from my account, because I do not want my number shared ..... if it is possible. I have seen a growing increase on "spam" calls, not sure if Facebook is responsible, but I want to make sure I don't share important info. That is really the only big change I made after reviewing my account.

Have YOU reviewed YOUR Facebook account and are you worried about privacy?

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