Do You Want Coke in Your Coffee?
This may be brand new, semi new or old news......but it’s new to me and I wanted to share my thoughts as I am the official “coffee guru” at 92.7 WOBM. I’ll start by saying I’m more of a coffee purist. I know many of you like sweet flavored coffee’s or drinks…
Coffee Lovers is This a Hit or a Miss? [OPINION]
Ok for me I drink it black, no cream and sugar. I prefer non-flavored coffees. Favorite is an americano with NO room.....aka black espresso with hot water. So I do not think it will be any big surprise when you see my thoughts on the new Hostess "snack" flavored coffees.
Do You Think Housing Complexes are Good for the Shore ?
If you take a ride around the Jersey Shore there is a good chance you will see an apartment or condo complex at some point. These housing complexes appear to be popping up everywhere. If there is a dead strip mall in the neighborhood there’s a good chance you might see an apartment complex po…
Remember Baldanza’s Town and Country Bakery?
I am asking the question “do we need a fantastic bakery” in Beachwood, South Toms River and the nearby towns? There is nothing better then walking into a local bakery and seeing and smelling all the delicious items in the showcases, a little overwhelming actually.

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