This is an OPEN LETTER to residents in Ocean County who litter our beautiful county with their filthy mouth rags. It's a problem you see more and more of, discarded masks littering our streets.


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New Jersey is one of the last States to mandate mask wearing for all for us it is still a part of our daily life, but come on folks we have to do better when it comes to making sure these face coverings end up being properly disposed of. The funny thing is we are wearing the masks to be clean and healthy and yet you see these dirty used mouth rags all over the ground....not very clean and healthy is it?

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All of the photos in this article were taken right here on Robbins Street in Downtown Toms River, just one street and all these dirty mouth rags? Are you seeing them in your neighborhood and travels?


Shawn Michaels


People be responsible for your masks, just like any other trash......use them or dispose of them properly. Let's not let a "thing" that has kept people safe during Covid 19, turn into an environmental issue down the long after the Pandemic will we still see these horribly filthy images.....disgusting!

How do you feel? are will simply this lazy and filthy? Post YOUR comments below and let's remember "if it's not on your face put it in the proper place" 


Shawn Michaels


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