Open Letter

Open Letter To Robots Replacing Humans In New Jersey
This is an open letter to the robots in New Jersey that are replacing us humans (I know you're smart enough to read this). I ran into a food store yesterday and I was met by an obnoxious six foot robot on wheels. It was slowly scanning the floor apparently looking for spills. It was right in my way and it didn't care. In fact, it seemed cocky. I always thought I was a pretty nice person, but I want to ram my cart into it. I actually wanted to wipe the smug robot smirk off its face, but I won't because he looks expensive.
Are YOU Considering Cancelling Christmas?
I wanted to write you a note and let you know that we are not canceling Christmas! I do want you to stop and pay us a visit. Why am I writing this, because some are talking about needing to possibly cancel Christmas due to the surge in Covid 19 cases. Even Dr Fauci says this Christmas will have to look a lot different.

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