Well, I was debating whether I'd write a blog about Facebook this weekend. It has been a frustrating weekend with countless messages from other Facebook friends concerning what's being called "cloning".

Facebook cloning describes a technique in which scammers create a fake Facebook profile by using images and other information stolen from a targeted user’s real Facebook profile. The scammers may be able to create a profile that – at least at first glance – looks very much like the target’s genuine profile. Especially if the victim has all or some of his or her profile material set to “public” ~ Hoax Slayer

I had numerous messages saying I wrote asking for them to add as a friend, which I didn't do all weekend. So what is going on? More and more it seems Facebook is being compromised and security breached.

I can't tell half the time if someone is real or a cyber-pirate, and it makes you not want to deal with anyone because you risk being hacked, and we don't even know how bad it can get if they get into our "real" world. Seems there are so many cyber pirates out there we can't just enjoy "social" media. Can't we just watch funny cat videos in peace? It's like walking through an electronic minefield.

Shawn Michaels Clone


(the above photo is an image of the Shawn Michaels clone avoid at all cost) 

So I want to state "I will not message you to ask for your friendship" and I will not accept your friend request if your profile picture has you in a bikini or catsuit and/or you only five friends (all male) in prison. This way we keep it simple.

If you get something ridiculous from my account, know it's probably my clone and he is annoying! Trust me I know... he's my clone. Kinda like Bizarro Superman. So sorry the Russians are now ruining Facebook. By the way, the Carolina Panthers just kicked a last second 63-yard field goal to beat the Giants. I wish that was fake, but yes it really just happened.

CLICK HERE  to read the article from Hoax Slayer that has ideas how to avoid being hacked and/or cloned.

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