You know all those silly cat videos that we're usually too busy to watch during the course of our busy days?   Today's a day when such escapism might be good for our mental health.  I'm not a doctor, but I believe we need some "light" to counter all this trauma and darkness that surrounds us after a tragedy like the one in Boston yesterday.  I posted a photo of a cute and cuddly koala on my Facebook page today.  Why?  Because it reminded me that there is still a lot of love, softness, and cuteness in the world.  And looking at the photo made me feel a little better when the world seems so hard and dark today.   Another piece of advice that I'm following today, is to try to focus on the positive.  You've all seen the quote from Mr. Rogers about how when he would see scary things in the news, his mother would tell him to look for the helpers.  The helpers were all around Boston yesterday; providing medical treatment, emotional comfort.  How about the runners who ran to the hospital to give blood?!    Another thing that's helping me today are some words in a book called "Simple Abundance."   In the chapter called, "A Lesson From Loss," author Sarah Ban Breathnach writes, "Today might be tough for you...But at least you have it.  You still have a life.  A choice as to how you will live this precious day.  Don't wish it away.  Don't waste it...Redeem one hour.  Hold it close.  Cherish it.  Above all, be grateful for it."  So as we're spending this workday together, how about we start a list of things that we're grateful for today.  Big or small things.  Please post in the comments section below.