It's hard to believe the year is coming to an end, and with it, the end of my career here at WOBM.  I have 22 years worth of great memories so I'm using this blog space to express some gratitude.  This will just be one batch of thanks.  I'll write more tomorrow.  In no particular order, I'm grateful for:

The management who paired me up with Shawn Michaels.  We went from being strangers to co-hosts and good friends.

Shawn.  For being open to our "arranged" partnership and growing it into a wonderful 7 years together.

Kevin Williams and Steve Paul and all of the fans of their morning show.  For accepting the format change and welcoming me into the WOBM family.

Bob Levy and Marianne.  Another format change gave me a chance to get to know the Levy's.  It was nice to share space (and coffee) with them early every morning.

Sue Moll.  For greeting me with a giant hug the first time I met her.  I knew from that moment that the morning show would be in good hands and that we'd become friends.

Justin Louis. For being a great guy to hand off the microphone to each day.

Liz Jeressi and Joanne Cruise.  We've all hosted the WOBM Midday shift over the years and we still get together socially.

Interns.  Working early hours for zero dollars is not for the faint of heart.  I'm grateful that some pretty special helpers have worked at WOBM.  Special thanks to Super-Interns Jennifer Barna and Allison Fritz.

Listeners like you.  I so appreciate your kind words over the years.  I've loved meeting you at community events and remote broadcast locations.  I've enjoyed sharing laughs with you at our listener parties and movie screenings.  Whether in person, on the phone, or in writing, it's meant so much to know that this radio station is a part of your daily life in Ocean County.



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