This is a thank you letter to all of you nurses in Ocean County.  On behalf of all the people who have been patients and all those whose loved ones have been in your care, thank you.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks for caring.  Thanks for getting all that schooling and doing all that practicing so that we can be confident in your skills.  Thanks for smiling even when you don’t feel like it.  Thanks for communicating the important information to the person who relieves you when your shift is over.  Thanks for reassuring us.  Thanks for answering our questions when they may be irritating.  Thanks for having that great combination of strength and compassion.  Doctors’ offices, rehab centers, hospitals, operating rooms, senior living facilities, blood banks and schools are better for having you there.

If you don’t get a lot of thanks during the rest of the year, I hope you’ll get an overabundance of praise and gratitude this week that can help you get through some of the days when you might feel unappreciated.

My sister and some of my best friends are nurses so I know how hard working and awesome they are.

Here’s hoping all of you nurses have a wonderful week and know how grateful Ocean County is for you.

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