I usually agree with that expression, "Once Bitten.  Twice Shy." In fact, after the explosion at that Manchester, England concert venue, I felt a bit afraid to go to concerts and big events with large crowds.  Then after the massacre in Vegas, I had a few moments of feeling I'd never see a live show again because the risks, these days, felt too great.

But I've had some time to think things through and decided I'm not going to let the criminals impact what I do or don't do.  I'm making the decision to buy concert tickets when there's an act I want to see.  Sure, I guess part of it is if we all stop going to concerts, that's sort of like letting the bad guys win.  And I don't want to give them, or any evil person the satisfaction.

But another reason why you'll see me in audiences again and again is that I love how concerts make me feel.  Of course, I love seeing my favorite bands play live.  It's a special experience to hear them talk between songs and feed off the energy of the crowd.

But it's more than that.  I love the energy of the crowd too.  Excitement is contagious, as is clapping and "woo hoo"ing.  It's like a euphoric high that we all get to experience because we're united for 2 hours, sharing in a common experience.

At most concerts nobody cares who you voted for or what your political stance is.  Everyone's smiling, moving to the beat, and feeling gratitude and togetherness.  In these troubled times, that's the kind of experience I want to keep having.  So I'm going to keep going to shows.  And hope you'll do the same.

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