As I mentioned on the air with Shawn and Sue this morning, there are SO many things and people I'm thankful for as I look back on my 22 years at WOBM.  Continuing the list, in no particular order, I'm grateful for:

Ocean County Schools.  Thanks for inviting me to meet with and read to your students.  I hope that I shared some wisdom or provided some inspiration to your students.

The people I've interviewed on the air.  Authors, Actors, Musicians, Community Leaders, and representatives of organizations doing good work to help people.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion.

My sister and her family for putting up with my crazy work hours.

My parents who gave me the voice that has led me to a career that I love.

Past and present radio station Promotions Directors.  Thanks for orchestrating different ways to connect with listeners and the community.

Past and present Account Executives and Managers in the Sales Department.  Thanks for opportunities to get to know local businesses and national brands so that I could be part of telling their stories on the air.

Radio station Engineers.  Technology has changed over the years and there's always been someone to fix things when necessary.

Jersey Shore businesses which advertised on WOBM while I've been on the air.  Thanks for the opportunities to sample and talk about your products and services.  Thanks for requesting that I record your commercials.  (You helped me realize that I love doing voiceovers and that's where I'll be focusing my energy in the new year.)

Past and present Station Management.  Thanks for keeping me on staff for so many years while also respecting my need to grow and explore the voiceover industry.

Everyone who wished me well the first time I left WOBM.  At that time I wanted to see if I could make a go of it as a voiceover artist.  You supported my dream and then welcomed me back.  Now that the VO biz is going well, you're sending more good wishes and I'm truly touched by your kind words.

Involved and Awesome Listeners.  Special thanks to those of you who did more than just listen to the radio.  You played our games, faxed in requests, wrote poems, called in with comments, gave gifts, brought donuts and came to our events.  Extra special thanks to those who would wake up super early to be part of those Hometown Tour broadcasts starting at 5 am!

I appreciate ALL of you!  Have a great weekend!




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