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So I’m doing my usual routine...going to work then going home, going to work then going home, going to work then going home lol ok you get the idea. We are all doing this during COVID. Staying socially distant and just keeping to ourselves until we get the vaccine and get back to normal. Anyway I digress, I got home from work and went to remove my shoes only to notice I was wearing two different shoes lol and they were two different colors. I was wearing a black boot and a brown boot lol

Ok I think we have all been in this situation at one time or another. You get up for work, it may even be dark and you grab something to wear but don't check it out and just put it on. I'm just trying to get out the door and yes I assumed they were a matching pair.

Shawn Michaels


What was funny was that I stopped at the store on the way home and I wonder if anyone was saying to themselves “poor guy doesn't even have one pair of shoes” but to be honest I never look at peoples feet, do you? and at the end of the day if my worst problem today was mismatched shoes....I’m good with that.

I posted this photo on social media and listeners had this response to my “fashion flub”

  • flickchick22: I did the same thing at school one day! Oops!
  • silvertonpharmacygifts: Ahaaha, just own it
  • lh705: Hey, you may be a trendsetter
  • maryannmiles: My husband has done that!
  • carol_in_jersey: At least they are the same style shoe I’ve done it with different shoes! ‍♀️

Share pics or stories of your “fashion flubs” in the comment section

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