Will We Ever See Payless Shoe Stores Re-Open?
Will We Ever See Payless Shoe Stores Re-Open? Will we ever see Payless Shoe Stores re-open their closed locations? That question is still up in the air. According to NJ.COM the company has emerged from bankruptcy and their future is uncertain.
Men Of The Jersey Shore: Why The Sandal Stigma?
Spending so many summers in Ocean County, I've seen probably hundreds of thousands of men wearing sandals.  Whether locals or tourists, they know that sandals are what people wear at the Shore.  Men and women.
But if you believe some of what you read online, there's a whole lot of…
Best Shoe Repair Shops At The Shore
As I was doing my big closet clean-out recently, I came upon a shopping bag with 2 pair of shoes inside.  They were apparently meant to go to the shoe repair shop but, lost in the mess, I forgot about them.
I recall when I was a kid running errands with Mom that we'd often go to the &qu…
Heel, Boy!
My trip to the department store last night had me gasping.
Why are the shoe racks full of heels that are at least 4 inches high?  Why are women buying them?  Sure, we've all heard the fashion experts say that a shoe with a heel elongates a woman's leg so she looks taller and …
UPDATED: Did This Shoe Company Cross the Line? [Poll]
I've always been a little perplexed by foot fashion. I'm not quite sure when sneakers became status symbols, but I remember when I was a kid, Reebok Pumps were the must have shoes. As recently as this past Winter, the release of the latest Air Jordans sparked riots. But now Adidas is causi…

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