According to SeniorLiving,com, "For the most part, New Jersey is ahead of the curve with regard to its older adult population. Thirty-seven percent of New Jersey's residents are 50 or older, higher than the U.S. rate of 35.3 percent."  So it's no wonder that we have many who are looking for that perfect place to retire here in the Garden State. "Almost 3.3 million residents of the state are 50 or older."


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Retirement Diana Parkhouse



In a recent article by AZ Animals, there are 6 "secretly amazing" towns here in New Jersey to plan for your retirement in. These 6 are highlighted as perfect towns to plan your retirement in. "Although New Jersey ranks as the most densely populated state in the U.S., its southern half contains 1.1 million acres of preserved wilderness area called the Pine Barrens. Its northwestern region largely consists of woods and hills.  The Garden State also boasts 130 miles of shoreline and some 60 “designated” beaches. And that’s not to mention its famous boardwalks and casinos, as well as golfing, fishing, and boating opportunities. Given all that, New Jersey may just be one of the country’s best-kept retirement secrets!"

New Jersey's TOP 6 Retirement Hidden Gems Towns:


Little Egg Harbor

Barnegat Light

Cape May






Retirement Oxana Melis


Besides the 6 towns in New Jersey selected, what towns might you add to the list of great places to retire in New Jersey? I guess I have planned well for retirement because I live in Little Egg Harbor and love it. We have lived 30-plus years in Little Egg and it's a very nice town. If you are close to retiring we want to wish you a very happy retirement :)


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