This Jersey Shore town was just named the most fun, especially in the summertime.

In fact, this Jersey Shore town has the most historic motels anywhere in New Jersey, how cool is that? Along with all of the fun, there is so much to look at, too.

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This is why I love New Jersey, every day we find out a new, cool tidbit of information.

This Jersey Shore town is very popular and chosen by you. Thank you for all of your Facebook messages and emails. Probably the most family-friendly "big" boardwalk in New Jersey. So many rides, a "huge" beach that's free, and so many goodies to snack on while traveling on the world-famous tram car.

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What Jersey Shore town is the most fun in the summertime?

The Jersey Shore town, if you didn't guess yet, it's Wildwood.

The Wawa alone is the coolest as you enter Wildwood. The coolest on the east coast.

We always have so much fun when we visit Wildwood. I remember growing up in Pennsylvania, Wildwood is where we would always go. I remember friends and after I graduated high school, we would rent a house for a week down there. We loved it.

From the ride piers, there are a couple to the water parks, there is something for everyone to do in Wildwood.

I'm a huge fan of Ocean County ride piers at the Jersey Shore, from LBI to Pt. Pleasant Beach, they are fun for all ages, but there's something so special about Wildwood. Maybe it's the free beach and that's why you love it so much.

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