This adorable town just got voted one of the most walkable towns in the US.

That means shopping, restaurants, music along the streets, especially in the summer, is all in walking distance and the atmosphere is absolutely the cutest. It's one of the more fun towns when it comes to local bars in New Jersey.

What town just got voted as the "loveliest town" in New Jersey?

It's Red Bank, NJ.

The history is amazing in this town at the Jersey Shore and according to Love Exploring: " Named for the russet soil banks of the Navesink River, Red Bank has a history reaching back millennia. The region was originally occupied by the indigenous Lenape peoples for thousands of years, with English settlers arriving in the 17th century. Industries like shipbuilding, tanning and textiles meant that Red Bank soon thrived, while today it's quirky art galleries and creative restaurants that make this town tick."

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According to "On February 14, 1879, Red Bank became Shrewsbury City, a portion of Shrewsbury Township, but this only lasted until May 15, 1879, when Red Bank regained its independence." 

Love Exploring ranked towns throughout the country from their beauty, charm, and enchanting historic towns in every state and found the "loveliest" town in each state in America.

Red Bank is in Monmouth County and it's always nice visiting this town. It's always decorated with lights, it often looks like a picture out of a magazine. What do you love about Red Bank? Is there a restaurant we need to check out?

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