We all need to be safe when we get on a bike.

Whether it's doing tricks or stunts on a bike, riding without a helmet, or riding a bike while texting with no hands on the grips, many youngsters are taking inherent risks out there.

It's scary to think about let alone continue to see so many kids, teenagers, and even adults not following the most basic bike safety measures here in New Jersey.

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The rising concern is leading to a call for action.

One of the key safety measures many may not be taking is wearing a bike helmet. But, I have to be honest, I don't always put on a helmet when I jump on my bike. I'm not a good example. I NEED to wear it more.

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The number one reason kids don't wear helmets is because it doesn't look cool. I always told my daughter, it's not cool to hit your head, wear your helmet.

I see more and more kids doing wheelies in the middle of the street, what are they thinking? Please stay safe on your bike. There are a lot of towns that have skate parks, that's where they should be doing wheelies and tricks, not in the middle of the road.

Drivers need to be careful and aware of people riding their bikes this summer, also. Please keep our bikers safe.

And, remember many Jersey Shore towns Police Departments give out a free ice cream certificate when they see kids wearing their helmets while on their bicycles.

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