Take a Look at the Best Jersey Amusement Parks

Summer is fast approaching and it makes it "Amusement Park" season. A time of year that's perfect for a trip to some of the best amusement parks in America, right here in the Garden State. The good news is that you don't even have to leave New Jersey to check them out.


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Looking back I loved amusement parks. As a kid it was heaven on earth and a trip to the park was like a national holiday. I remember saying to myself "I hope this day never ends". I also remember saying "I will never outgrow this 10-hour day at the rides". Now what's good about growing up, at amusement parks, is that even though you can't handle the "big rides" you do find other things to enjoy. I remember my parents saying we will get coffee and watch you on "Lightning Loops" lol Well now that's my "amusement". I'm still good for a few good rides but upside down and twirling in circles, those days are over. I remember when taking a break to eat at an amusement park was a terrible waste of "ride time" Now that is the amusement. So as you see as you go through the circle of life, you literally go through "circles" and you find different things to do at an amusement park. My point here, yes it took a little patience lol, is that a good amusement park is one that offers various things to do in addition to really cool rides.



The Very Best Amusement Parks In New Jersey


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So what amusement park is your favorite here in New Jersey? Share you picks and comments below. Maybe you have some cool inside tips for certain park, like best places to eat or parking tips, etc. Enjoy your summer and your trip to the amusement park!

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