Philadelphia has now become the first city to impose a "soda/sugary drink tax" and effort by lawmakers to cut down on obesity and health risks that go along with drinking sugary drinks. The tax is in addition to the sales tax and in some cases is more then the product itself. We'll discuss the poll results Thursday morning with Shawn & Sue.

Example: Soda $1.00 / Sales Tax $1.50 plus Sales Tax .... almost $3.00 for a bottle of soda.

So where do you stand ?  Do you drink soda and be willing to pay more ? Have you stopped drinking sugary drinks so you wouldn't pay .... choose your selection below.



The soda/sugary drink tax in Philadelphia will be used to provide added funding for city schools, recreation centers, after school programs etc

We have pretty much stopped drinking soda except on rare occasions or maybe when dining out, although even then we may pass up on the sugary drinks, so I wouldn't pay more for soda ......


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