Most Outrageous Milk Crate Challenge Video FAILS
You think you can do it don't you? Admit thought just for a second, "my balance is pretty good" or "I bet I could go a bit faster than that guy and make it" NO, you can't and the reason is science. Don't be mad, I have to tell you like it is because frie…
Wow! Free School Lunch For Everyone in Ocean County
We are just weeks away from the new school year here at the Jersey Shore. Hopes are it will be a school year that is more “usual” than last year as we continue to deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic. I hope it will be less challenging for students, parents and teachers.
Teachers In New Jersey Will Be Mandated To Get COVID Vaccine
You can feel it in the air...every year as we get closer to fall and our kids get ready to go back to school, there is an energy of preparation, nerves, excitement and of course glowing-white back to school sneakers. This year there's more, there is a heaviness hanging over us as we wait for a…

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