It all started four weeks ago when we pitted each Ocean County high school mascot against each other, and the second annual Mascot Madness began!

After an enormous flurry of votes, we narrowed the 18 Ocean County mascots down to 8 in Round 2, which became rather interesting and fiercely battled.

Once the smoke cleared and we saw who our semifinalists would be, we had some surprising upsets, and some unsurprising advancements.

After a massive rush of voting, we ended up with our two finalists - The Toms River South Indians and the Brick Township Green Dragons.

Which brings us to right now. We are ready to unveil this year's Mascot Madness champions!


A big congratulations goes out to the Toms River South Indians, who took the championship decisively, taking home almost 80% of the votes!

But wait, we're not done yet!

We're going to do exactly what we did last year, and take the winner of the Ocean County Mascot Madness competition and pit them against the winners of the Monmouth County version, which has been running on our sister station, 94.3 The Point. You can vote on the all-shore championship right now by clicking here!


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