⚾️ Athletes making decisions on playing through injury or pain

⚾️ There's a lot riding on the line at any level making decision difficult

⚾️ Mental Performance Coach in Monmouth County offers advice on what to do

To play through an injury or not? That's a question many athletes at any level ask themselves from high school to the professional ranks and trying to figure out what to do can take a mental toll.

Michael Huber, a certified mental performance coach based in Monmouth County, says you can do what you think is best for you, but that you have to understand the consequences that come from making a particular choice.

"It's your body, it's your career, if you want to play through an injury -- go for it -- but understand that it's either going to get worse or maybe you're going to play at below capacity," Huber said.

Rumson-Fair Haven junior Owen Kenney. (Photo: Tom Smith | tspsportsimages.com)
Rumson-Fair Haven junior Owen Kenney. (Photo: Tom Smith | tspsportsimages.com)

The decision to play through an injury will impact you both on the field and off of it as you think about everything surrounding your game.

"Now your performance is suffering and it leads to a spiral in your confidence because I'm playing at less than 100-percent and now I'm playing at a lower level which ultimately becomes sort of a snowball effect," Huber said.

He explains that a lot of these athletes trying to make this decision are afraid to sit out while injured because they don't want to let the team down and feel they need to be out there for the team to succeed.

Tom Smith | tspsportsimages.com
Tom Smith | tspsportsimages.com

"Maybe that's true, maybe 70-percent of one kid is better than 100-percent of another, but, at the same time, is it the best decision for the team?" Huber said.

He says a lot of these athletes think they're making the right decision to play, but it's one where they should seek another opinion.

"The truth of the matter is you can probably make a better decision if you were to consult somebody else like a coach or a parent," Huber said.

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