In case you missed it, yesterday we crowned our Ocean County Mascot Madness 2017 champions. And now, we're pitting Ocean County and Monmouth County head to head to see who has the best mascot at the whole Shore!

While the Toms River South Indians took the Ocean County championship, our sister station 94.3 The Point was running the Monmouth County version of the competition.

Yesterday, they announced the Monmouth County champions - the Ocean Township Spartans.

So now, we're going to do exactly what we did last year, and put Ocean and Monmouth head to head.

You might remember that this time a year ago, the Toms River East Raiders blew past the Howell Rebels.

So let's do it again this year and keep the crown here in Ocean County!

Like the previous rounds, voting will continue through the weekend. Be sure to vote, share, and vote again!

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