After four rounds and thousands of votes, we have our Mascot Madness 2017 finalists!


Semifinal 1 - Toms River South Indians vs. Barnegat Bengals
The Bengals jumped out to an early lead over the Indians, as South seemed to lose interest going into the semifinal round. But once a friendly reminder that we were in the middle of a competition was issued, the Indians showed up and showed up in a big way, not only making up the deficit but also pulling ahead by just enough make it to our championship round.

Winner: Toms River South Indians

Semifinal 2 - Brick Township Green Dragons vs. Central Regional Golden Eagles
This matchup was a lot of fun to watch. The Green Dragons and Golden Eagles were locked claws to talons all week long, in a statistical dead heat for almost the whole round. Somebody had to pull ahead though, and after a rush of votes over the weekend, the Green Dragons vanquished the Golden Eagles by literally only 10 votes.

Winner: Brick Township Green Dragons

So there you have it, the championship round is on! It's Toms River vs. Brick as the battle for Ocean County bragging rights begins.

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