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⚾️ What high school student athletes should be doing in the summer months

⚾️ Michael Huber, a Mental Performance Coach in Monmouth County explains more

⚾️ It's in part about finding balance and what works for you mentally and physically

The school year is over and now it's time for summer vacation -- or is it?

Whether you're a one sport or multi-sport athlete in high school, now is the time to plan out how the summer months will be spent working out, playing ball, or taking a mental break to get ready for what's next.

For some athletes, the summer is the time to wake up early, go work out, play ball, get some swings in the cage somewhere, organize a game with friends.

volleyball on the beach

For other athletes, perhaps it's working out here and there, maybe playing travel ball or a game every once in a while.

Still, for others, maybe it's taking a couple or a few weeks off to mentally unwind and recharge.

And then, maybe it's just working out enough to keep in shape, but not overdoing it.

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It can be stressful and bring on anxiety trying to figure out what to do.

For some help on trying to make the best decisions this summer, Michael Huber -- a certified Mental Performance Coach in Monmouth County and host of the Freshman Foundation Podcast -- joined me on Shore Sports Talk on 94.3 The Point, sponsored by Shoreline Wealth Management, on Sunday morning.

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