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We have all been there, traveling on a very crowded airplane. It's not fun, but once you're on your way and settled, hopefully, you're excited to be off to your destination. Usually, once we are going I have my earbuds in and I'm drifting off listening to music.

This was not the case this week for two American Airlines passengers who had a dispute on their seating and things got out of hand and the video of the encounter has gone viral. Basically a woman reclined her seat and the man behind her in the last row felt he didn't have enough space so he decided to punch her seat repeatedly in hopes she would return it to the upright position. Check the video above of the encounter.

My Two Cents? 

The woman paid for her seat and it is perfectly legal for paying passengers to recline their seats. She had every right to recline her seat. The man behind her does NOT have the right to hit her seat and intrude on her "paid for" space.

That being said, maybe the two could have come to a compromise where she reclined halfway? But his complaint should have been with the airline. In my opinion, he should have taken it up with them and asked for another seat. Not pound on a paying customer's seat who was doing nothing wrong. Allegedly the airline comped the passenger (the man hitting the seat) a drink. What? A reward for bad behavior?

Of course, in today's society, everyone has a camera so another passenger who saw this incident recorded video and now the world has seen this confrontation.

So now it's time for YOUR two cents. What are your thoughts? SOUND OFF!

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