Air Travel

The Positives & Negatives Of Modern Air Travel
These days, air travel doesn't get a great rap. With most airlines looking at ferrying passengers more as cattle than the classy undertaking that it used to be. But, from my travels over the New Year, I've noticed a few bright spots.
Watch - Is This The Strangest Airline Ad Ever? [Video]
Sir Richard Branson's "Virgin" brands have always been known for being quirky and not taking themselves too seriously. From this whimsical in-flight safety video to their interstellar ambitions with Virgin Galactic, they're definitely not a boring company. But this may be…
Introducing a New Way to Date
In today's age of hyper connected singles, you'd think that every dating strategy has already been tried - blind dates, speed dating, online dating, dating apps, etc. But Virgin America is bringing a new meaning to "The Friendly Skies".
Modern Family Etiquette Tips [LIST]
Here's Four Tips For Your Family
1. Is Emailing a Thank You Letter Good Enough ? If you're saying thanks for lunch, probably.....but for something like a birthday gift, a HANDWRITTEN note is still the best option.
2. Can You skip a "Handshake" If you think the Person's…