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We love our relationship with the Associated Humane/Popcorn Park Zoo and for years we have been proud to help get so many animals a new forever home through our "Pet of the Week" segment.

Now more than ever the comfort and companionship of an animal can help get you through these tough times. More people have found support and love through adopting animals that are just looking for a loving family, will YOU be the next family to adopt?

Meet Today's "Pet of the Week" with Shawn & Sue....Zinia. According to our friends at Popcorn Park, this feline is a ridiculously sweet girl of about 3 years old that is looking forward to having a great home of her own. She was found as a stray that turned up in someone's yard one day along with another cat. Zinia is full of personality and she's always talking! She's a little shy so when she wants your attention, she meows up a storm then when you go and pet her, she purrs her little head off. She throws in a hiss every now and then, just to remind you that she feels like she should portray herself as a shy cat, but she's really not.....she's a ball of mush!

Incase you are wondering, Zinia gets along fine with other cats too. For more details contact the Popcorn Park Zoo at 609-693-1900.

File# 29738 8/20/20 Email: office@ahsppz.org  for an appointment to meet Zinia.

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