The Route 166 Construction Project in Toms River Will NOT Make the Record Books!

Originally it was more of a joke, but officials at the Guinness Book of World Records has turned down an attempt by a local business owner to get the Route 166 road project into the world famous record book.

In a recent Patch article, it was reported that Larry Schuster of Schuster's Car Wash....had sent in the attempt as "the slowest quarter-mile of road construction ever" however Guinness officails denied the attempt saying "we think that it is a little too specialized for a body of reference as general as Guinness World Records."

Schuster sent in the proposal for Guinness' consideration in December to try to place some humor into a situation that has taken a toll on the businesses that line that stretch of Route 166 in Toms River.

New Jersey State Department of Transportation officials told WOBM-FM that the project will be completed this spring, and that the remaining construction work involves paving.

Do YOU think Route 166 will be ready by this Spring? 


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