Suffice to say that my experiences in homeownership over the last year and change haven't been all rainbows and unicorns. And last night I had yet another situation pop up. You can probably guess from the picture alone where I'm going with this.

First, I had the situation last fall when my hot water heater blew the seal and flooded my ground floor. It was an enormous headache that ended up dragging on for over six months before things were finally all taken care of and back to normal.

Thankfully, it's only been small things since then - a little drip here or a creaky door there. But last night something started to not sound right.

I was sitting on the couch watching TV while the deluge poured down outside. I started to hear a "drip, drip, drip".

One of my gutters tends to drip onto a skylight when it rains, so I figured it was just that, but then I realized that it was coming from the other side of the house.

And then I had the horrible realization - it wasn't coming from outside.

Yup, my ceiling was drip, drip, dripping right onto my brand new carpet.

First, comes that panic - this isn't good.

Then, comes the realization that it's 11:30 at night and there literally isn't anything that you can do about it besides put a bucket down.

So that's exactly what I did. Thankfully, the rain stopped before the bucket filled up. But you better believe that I was on the phone with the homeowner's association the first thing this morning.

Just another joy of homeownership!

What home headaches have you had to deal with lately? Tell us in the comments!

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