Going Paperless at Ocean County Offices
I'm used to scribbling my notes on meeting handouts so without the papers, I'll be turning to a notebook probably. Are you still taking notes with pen and paper or are you bringing a laptop or tablet into meetings nowadays? I see a lot of people keyboarding instead of writing. It does seem quite efficient! But I'm having a hard time giving up my old note taking ways. Maybe it stems from my years as a news reporter; scribbling notes was part of the job and it's still something I'm comfortable with. I'm curious how much of Ocean County has gone or is going paperless at the office.
Working With Your Spouse in Ocean County: Are You Too Close For Comfort?
People who have family businesses, co-workers who met on the job and then got married...I'm sure there are many people who have to define some boundaries when it comes to working with loved one. And I'm sure there are also couples who don't have any trouble spending 24/7 together. So let's hear from those of you who own or work in an Ocean County business with family members. Do you share a work space with a spouse? What are the Pros? What are the Cons?
Prefer In-Office Meetings or Online?
When I’m not on the air at WOBM, I am working in the voiceover business.  I'm often hired to record narration for eLearning modules. Have you ever used an online training program?    Perhaps at your job you were required to take on online course about compliance, or if you started a new job, you might have gone through an online onboarding process...
Justin's Life Hacks
Ah, the office vending machine - beckoning you with a tempting variety of salty and sweet snacks. But how can you make sure that you're getting the best value for your money at your local snack food dispenser? Check out the latest edition of "Justin's Life Hacks":

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