Today's the day when we're seeing lots of kids around.  Instead of learning lessons in the classroom, boys and girls are with their parents learning about life in the working world.

The day seems to have grown in popularity over the years.  It started in 1992 as Take Your Daughter To Work Day but has since expanded to include sons as well.

I think this change of scenery is beneficial to school kids.  I remember how impressed and curious I was visiting my father's high rise building in Manhattan.  His office at the phone company seemed like the coolest place.  Nice furniture, phones with a lot of buttons, and actual computers (remember this was the 70s.)  I was in awe!  Seeing all that got me excited about the future.  It solidified in my mind that if I wanted to have a job and a life like those grown ups in the phone company, I was going to have to work hard in school and stay on the right path.

What Ocean County's kids are seeing today could shape their view and their personal goals.  While busy working parents may set their kids up in a corner with a tablet, some are going to actually put their children to work (in age appropriate ways).  I love some of the ideas in this article.  Students can work out real math problems, or try designing a new company logo.  They can work on their speaking skills by interviewing some of your adult colleagues.

What are your children doing today at your work place?  Do you have any good memories from past years?  Or from when you were a kid?

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