This is what I walked in to today. My desk had been taken over by an over zealous Chicago Cubs fan intent on rubbing their team's dominance in my face.

I'm a fan of the lowly Milwaukee Brewers. Only a short jaunt up the Lake Michigan shoreline from The Windy City, but light years away in this year's National League Central Division standings.

My reaction when approaching my desk this morning? I laughed out loud.

I was actually just having this conversation with our news director, Tom Mongelli, last week - there's nothing wrong with good natured office pranks.

In fact, I think it's good for office morale.

When coworkers get creative and come up with ways to tease each other, I think it encourages a fun workplace atmosphere.

Now, of course pranks can get out of hand, which is why I draw the "good natured" distinction. There's a big difference between covering someone's desk in the logo of a rival sports team and, say, encasing all of their possessions in Jell-O.

Do you and your coworkers tease each other? What have been some of the best pranks at your office? Comment below and give us some ideas!


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