I just attended a volunteer meeting and asked for a copy of the agenda.  The head of the organization pointed out that he's not making copies any more.  The options are for each of us to print the documents at home and bring them to the meeting, or just follow along on our devices.  In other words, he's saving money and trees and those are great reasons to go paperless.  But it's taking some getting used to.  I'm used to scribbling my notes on meeting handouts so without the papers, I'll be turning to a notebook probably.

Are you still taking notes with pen and paper or are you bringing a laptop or tablet into meetings nowadays?  I see a lot of people keyboarding instead of writing.  It does seem quite efficient!

But I'm having a hard time giving up my old note taking ways.  Maybe it stems from my years as a news reporter; scribbling notes was part of the job and it's still something I'm comfortable with.

I'm curious how much of Ocean County has gone or is going paperless at the office.  Please chime in in the Comments section.

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