As more people head back to work over the next few weeks and months Hackensack Meridian Health is offering to help you make sure the office is Covid safe.

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They launched a program, called 'Keeping America Safe', and ever since have been and continue to provide you with the help and resources you need to prevent the spread of germs and keep things as safe and healthy as possible at the workplace.

You can consult with a team of experts ranging from physicians to epidemiologists to infectious disease experts on coming up with a game plan of best practices.

"The 'Keeping America Safe' program is primarily a consolatory program where we're providing input and advice based off of clinical knowledge that Hackensack Meridian Health has developed during the course of this pandemic," HMH Vice-President of Care Transformation, Michael Geiger, tells Townsquare Media News. "We work with our clients to understand what their needs are and based off of what their needs are is how we tailor the program to them."

There are a few ways they can help you ensure best practices in the office with information coming in from a variety of experts.

"We have a hotline that our customers can call in and ask questions to our subject matter experts, whether it's our physicians, epidemiologists or infectious disease physicians or people on our facilities or marketing teams," Geiger said. "We have developed weekly briefings where we have pushed information out on where we are with the vaccines and testing and what's the latest with guidelines and protocols out there and we also provide our clients with access to a proprietary website where they can have access to all of our webinars and policies and protocols and really, anything that we've developed that our clients can benefit from."

In addition to finding out information and getting advice over the phone or digitally, you can also have the team of consultants come to your office for an in-person review of the workplace and analysis.

"We ask them to provide us with their policies and procedures and we'll have our team go through them with a fine tooth comb to make sure that they're buttoned up so that when they're bringing their team members and their clients back, that they're as safe as possible," Geiger said. "This way it's not the individual business that's not putting together their policies and procedures, they have New Jersey's largest health system standing next to them, endorsing them and making sure they feel comfortable that what they're putting forward are the best policies and procedures to keep everybody safe."

To get started, you can call 732-869-2777 or visit them online.

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