When I’m not on the air at WOBM, I am working in the voiceover business.  I'm often hired to record narration for eLearning modules.

Have you ever used an online training program?    Perhaps at your job you were required to take on online course about compliance, or if you started a new job, you might have gone through an online onboarding process.  Because I know it’s hard for many people to sit still for extended periods, and many people don’t like to be “talked at,”  I try to make my narrations sound as interesting as possible.

It seems more and more companies are taking advantage of the technology which enables courses to be taught online.  Rather than paying for plane tickets and hotel rooms for employees to attend meetings, companies are having meetings and trainings online with people joining in from a variety of locations on an assortment of devices; desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Are you a fan of online meetings?  Do you appreciate being able to sign in from a comfortable place, rather than sitting in a classroom or board room?

Do you wish you had the opportunity to travel more and interact with others, away from your usual workday peers?




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