Years ago a friend confided in me that she's sick of her husband.  She loved him dearly and felt their union was a strong one, but she needed some time away.  They worked together and had the same schedule so they literally spent all their time together.  Not only did they live together but they commuted into Manhattan together, spent all workday near each other and then traveled home together.

My friend felt some time alone or time with girlfriends would help her miss her husband and reconnect with her feelings of appreciation and love for him.   That illustrated one of the challenges that people face when they're in a similar work situation.  People who have family businesses, co-workers who met on the job and then got married...I'm sure there are many people who have to define some boundaries when it comes to working with loved one.  And I'm sure there are also couples who don't have any trouble spending 24/7 together.

So let's hear from those of you who own or work in an Ocean County business with family members.  Do you share a work space with a spouse?  What are the Pros?  What are the Cons?


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