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We are getting ready for our big "Feel Good 80's Weekend" with the best of the 80's all Memorial Day Weekend. The fun kicks off this Friday at 4 p.m.

I thought to celebrate I'd share my 80's scrapbook. I had a lot going on in the 80's including high school and college. It was also a time when I was introduced to radio and now 37 years later I'm still lovin' radio.

Next up is a look at some sports pics from the '80s, Including my first NJ Devils game, a close up day with the Giants at training camp, a baseball road trip to California, and my days a Co-Captain of the Southern Regional Cross Country Team.


Gotta hit the music of the 80's, including my first ever concert with Cheap Trick in 1981, the Philadelphia Jam, Queen, and a chance to see Freddie Mercury LIVE, the first big Duran Duran tour of America and a sold-out show with Squeeze. GREAT SHOWS!


Next up is a look at college life in the 80's at Salem College in Salem, West Virginia, including my first radio gig at our college radio station WITB FM. The call letters stood for "We're In The Basement" because that's where our first studio was in the basement lol.

Well there you go just a few memories from the 1980s for me. I hope you enjoyed taking a walk down memory lane. Don't forget the "Feel Good 80's Weekend" begins Friday at 4 p.m. and runs throughout the Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy the music and I hope it brings back some memories for you as well ~ Shawn 

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