My mother used to always change her hairstyle.  I remember the bouffant red years, the "frosted wig" years, and the short-hair "wash and wear" phase.

I've recently unearthed a lot of old photos and it was fun to see all of Mom's different styles over the decades.   Looking at photos and getting nostalgic are ways I like to honor the woman who raised me.  With her not here anymore, Mothers' Day weekend can be a bit of a bummer.  If your Mom has passed, or she lives far away, you know what I'm talking about.

This time of year we see ads with everyone smiling.  Images of happy, intact families remind us that won't have any more of those scenes with our mothers.

If you're still struggling with grief, whether your mother passed recently or years ago, please remember it's normal and you are not alone.  There are many of us who will be a bit sad on Sunday.  But also remember there are some things we can do to make the day less of a drag.  In addition to pulling out old photos, we can plant something in memory of Mom.   We can tell stories about Mom.  We can visit the cemetery, or even a park or beach, anywhere that feels like a good place to think about and "talk" to her.

I've heard of some other nice things we can do to honor mothers:

  • Wear a piece of Mom's old jewelry
  • Do an activity that you used to do together
  • Cook her favorite dish, or a meal that she used to make for you
  • Take a road trip to one of her favorite places
  • Do something nice for another mother

If your mother has died, do you have any suggestions for handling Mother's Day?  If so, please share in the Comments section.  Sunday can be a difficult day, bringing up feelings of sadness and loneliness so your suggestions can provide help and comfort to other Ocean County residents.


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