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Shawn Michaels


So a "live edge" table is one made from fresh cut trees that leaves the bottom unfinished and raw, while the top is finished. This was the first time I did this and it all started because we lost one of our favorite trees.

Since we moved in to our home over 25 years ago here in Southern Ocean County we have had to large oak trees, one on each side of our driveway. We call them "Big Oak" one & two. They are about 80 years old and have been through everything from blizzards to Hurricane Sandy. This year however one died and needed to come down. The tree cutters cut me several slabs from "Big Oak" to make a "Live Edge" table ..... or two.

I researched the project and decided on an end table for next to my chair in our family room. Now I don't claim to be a "woodworker" nor did I do mine with the skill I saw from many on YouTube, but I must admit I am happy with the end product and because our family room has an "outdoor" theme it fits perfect. Best of all "Big Oak" now lives on with us. Repurposing like this is a great idea especially since the tree is a great memory for our family.

Check out a little video slide show I made to kinda give you an idea of the project ......


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