Talking with a group of friends I've known for 35 years, the topic of "favorite mugs" came up.  We all said that we have a favorite.  And some of the mugs go back a long time.  I cherish one of mine from the San Diego Zoo, circa 1990.  It's the perfect size; big enough to hold a lot of hot tea, but not too heavy or cumbersome.  I've since bought others that are like it but they don't quite have the same place in my heart as my favorite koala mug.

My teacher friend cherishes the mug one of her first students gave her.  Another friend treasures a mug from high school even though her name has since worn off.  One pal is all about her Smurf mug, while another loves her SpongeBob one.  One of my traveling friends enjoys drinking from his Starbucks Bangkok mug because it reminds him of his favorite place to visit.

What is it that you love about your prized mug?  Does it have a saying that inspires you?  Does it remind you of a special person?  Does it bring back memories of an old school or job?  Does it have a Jersey Shore theme?

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