You Can Adopt These Adorable Cats Today At The Monmouth County SPCA
I recently showed you the Monmouth County SPCA Dogs, now let's do cats! Right now is the best time to adopt! The next three months will be filled with wonderful moments. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are lined up and ready to go! Now is the perfect opportunity to welcome or add a friendly feline to your family. It really would be a special way to wrap up 2021.
Would You Clone Your Pet Like Streisand Did?
Assuming Barbra Streisand's decision to clone her beloved dog came from that deep love that we all have for our pets, I can sort of understand her motivation. But if I had to chose one side or the other, I'd rather adopt a dog rather than clone. What are your reasons for and against cloning?
Is It Normal To Talk To Ocean County’s Pets?
It struck my friend as funny that before we left the house I told my dog where I was going first, and then where I would head next, and then where I'd be having dinner, and then the time I expected to be back home.  I told her I do this all the time...
A Fix To A Fox Situation
I discovered something this morning that was beautiful, but also freaked me out a bit.  A fox has apparently given birth to a litter and they're now living in my backyard.  I discovered their home when my dog started barking and squealing louder than usual...

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