As I was walking down my outside steps, I noticed a little bird just sitting there.  It was kind of tucked in the corner.  Was it injured?  Did it fall out of its nest?  Was it abandoned?

I honestly had no clue what to do so I posted an inquiry on Facebook.  Responses ranged from "Give it water," to "Don't touch it," to "Call Animal Control."  It made me even more confused so I did some internet research.  A couple of articles taught me the difference between a nestling (helpless and mostly featherless) and a fledgling (mobile with lots of feathers.)  Through reading I learned that the bird in my yard did not need my help.  The advice, by the way, is to leave it alone.  Chances are the mother is nearby and can still tend to it even though the fledgling has left the nest.  I'm still not sure why the baby was just sitting there for 30 minutes, but when I went out to check about an hour later, it was gone so I'm glad the story had a happy ending.

Have you ever found a baby animal in Ocean County?  What was it and how did things turn out?

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