It struck my friend as funny that before we left the house I told my dog where I was going first, and then where I would head next, and then where I'd be having dinner, and then the time I expected to be back home.  I told her I do this all the time!  I guess it's my way of reassuring the dog that, even though I am leaving, I am definitely going to return to her.  Since she was "surrendered" by her original owner, I'm sensitive to the fact she may have a fear of being abandoned again.  Okay, okay, maybe I should leave analysis to the actual pet psychologists, but the point is, I talk to Taylor all the time.

During stormy weather, I speak in a really calm voice and try to comfort her.  When there's a loud clap of thunder I tell her, "it's just the angels bowling up in Heaven."  Though it's not true, I remember how that calmed me down as a kid when my parents said it to me.

What about you?  Do you tell your pets your plans for the day?  Do you talk to your pets when you've had a bad day?  Do you talk out a problem with them?

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