Barbra Streisand is in the news today and it has nothing to do with her beautiful voice or a concert tour.  She revealed in Variety magazine that she had her beloved dog cloned.  Two of her tiny white canines were created with cells taken from the old dog's mouth and stomach.  (This photo shows the first "commercially cloned" dogs.)

I don't quite understand the science of cloning but I felt this topic was worth writing about today.  Let's explore the question of cloning your favorite pet.

On the plus side:  We all have dogs and cats that we adore.  They are perfect in our eyes.  So the thought of keeping that animal around forever seems rather great, doesn't it?  It's heartbreaking to experience the passing of a beloved pet.  If cloning can keep the same appearance and personality of the original dog, should we be open to it?

On the minus side:  There are so many pets who need to be rescued immediately.   Innocent dogs and cats are put down every day because there aren't enough shelters, rescue organizations, and foster homes to keep up with the need.  Having adopted Taylor from a rescue group, after she was fostered for a while, I'm a big fan of giving pets a second chance.

As much as I love Taylor and am dreading the inevitable day when she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, I would not clone her.  I'd rather get a dog from a shelter and give her a new beginning.

Assuming Streisand's decision to clone came from that deep love that we all have for our pets, I can sort of understand her motivation.  But if I had to chose one side or the other, I'd rather adopt than clone.

Would you consider cloning your pet?  What are some reasons why you would or would not?

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