The moment my dog ran away is ingrained in my memory bank from childhood.  My friend asked if she could hold the leash but didn't have a tight grip.  Candy dog pulled and off she went.  Gone for a couple of weeks.  I felt I had lost a best friend.  Thankfully, the family who found her somehow found us and we got our pet back safe and sound.  Have you ever lost a pet?  It's a horrible, scary feeling.

My story took place in the 70s, before cell phones, craigslist, and microchips would help track down missing pets.  Now, in 2016, technology is being used to help reunite dogs with their families.  Thanks to a New Jersey couple who created FurAlert, pet lovers can help look for and hopefully find lost pets and get them reconnected with their humans.  The founders describe the app as being like an Amber Alert for missing pets.

You just have to enter your pet's information and photos and indicate whether a reward will be offered.  The app creators' goal is to spread the word so that more eyes can be on the lookout within the 2 mile default radius.  I hope the number of people using FurAlert really grows, because the more people who join the community, the more pets can be saved from starvation, being hit by cars, etc.

The app is free, available for iPhone and Android phones.  Do you like the idea of FurAlert.  Do you think you might use it?