I discovered something this morning that was beautiful, but also freaked me out a bit.  A fox has apparently given birth to a litter and they're now living in my backyard.  I discovered their home when my dog started barking and squealing louder than usual.  When I looked around for what she might be reacting to, I saw two small foxes and one big one scurrying up a little hill and into a hole in my yard.

Okay, so now that I know they're living there, what am I supposed to do?  I think Taylor is part foxhound so it's probably not wise to have her "sworn enemies" sharing the same yard.   But I don't want to disrupt the lives of these cute little babies.

In researching, I found this website to be helpful.  It covers possible ways to handle discovery of a variety of wildlife in New Jersey.  http://wildlifehelp.org/animals/new-jersey

Have you ever had an animal family on your property?  I don't mean your own pets, but a family of foxes, rabbits, deer, geese, etc.?

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