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We have recently seen several 7-11  convenience stores close here in Ocean County. Most recently the 7-11 in Toms River  at Route 37 and King Street. Also in Southern Ocean County the Tuckerton 7-11 closed.

Shawn Michaels

In fact I had no idea our local 7-11 in Tuckerton was even closing? One day it was open and people in and out, the next day dark and closed. Did people know this was coming? Same in Toms River, did we know it was closing? A listener sent me the photo from the Toms River location above, again no idea it was closing?

So what is the future for area 7-11's ? Is it going to be something we see more of ? Are the recent 7-11 closings a direct result of COVID economic woes or competition from the "hybrid" Wawa's and QuickChek ?

I remember growing up in Toms River when I first moved from North Jersey (Madison) and we would walk to the 7-11 on Route 37 West, which is no longer operating. We would walk there and get our "wacky packages" and "bazooka joe" it was like a club with myself and friends from the neighborhood. We also bought our baseball cards at that 7-11 and would sit outside the store and "flip" cards. Some days you won some days you lost your best cards. Great memories with 7-11.

Today I have my 7-11 app and use it when I do go to 7-11 here in Downtown Toms River, lets hope not all of the 7-11's disappear.

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