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We are at the point now where it is "late" summer and at different points of the summer various flowers are in bloom. I decided to take a series of photos that highlighted some of our "late" summer blooms from around the Garden State.

Some of my favorites include orange dahlia, the purple zinnia and the sunflowers that April has grown in our backyard garden. This is the first time she tried growing sunflowers and they were awesome. Never realized how tall sunflowers can get, I actually look up at some of the taller ones.....amazing.

What are some of your favorites during  "late" summer? Before you know it the "mums" will be out !

I also included a little visitor we had at the RWJ Barnabas Health Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio.....I really cool dragon fly. I love having the dragon flies around because they are a natural bug repellent. Dragon Flies like to gobble up mosquitoes, so they are always welcome and although they are a bit aggressive looking, they won't harm you at all. We spotted this little guy this summer at the beach.

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