Sights of Late Summer in New Jersey
We are at the point now where it is "late" summer and at different points of the summer various flowers are in bloom. I decided to take a series of photos that highlighted some of our "late" summer blooms from around the Garden State.
Send A Mommy-Gram & Win
All this week, Shawn & Sue are looking for your best Mommy-grams to help celebrate all of those mothers out there in Ocean County!  Everyone that sends us a Mommy-gram will be entered to win a DOZEN ROSES from Skip's Toms River Florist & Gifts.
Inspiration For Ocean County’s Gardens
Are you ready for the first weekend of Spring 2016? That's right, this past Sunday marked the official start of Spring, and with temperatures in the 70's most of this week, I bet most of us are ready to get started on all of those outdoor projects that have been waiting all Winter...
Signs Of Spring In Ocean County
Did you see what I saw this weekend?  Little buds on the magnolia in the backyard?  Crocuses poking their green leaves out of the ground?  I loved seeing these signs of spring because it tells me we won't have to deal with the cold much longer...
Valentine's Gift Ideas
Ok ladies it's your turn to sound off! Valentine's Day is just a few days away and we are asking women here at the shore what "YOU" want from cupid .... Pick out and share with us, this way you won't be disappointed on Sunday ...
Win This Afternoon
Guys and gals, time is ticking down! Valentine's Day is now less than a week away. If you're a last minute shopper, you're in luck! All this week, I've got your chance to win some major points with your sweetheart!

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