If you met Bella the first few days she was with us, your heart would have broken. She was so scared, so confused. She sat in the corner of her run, looking down and drooling. She had never been away from home before and the shock of being turned in at 6 1/2 years old was too much for her.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo

This gorgeous Cane Corso was surrendered because family members moved into her home that were allergic to her. With lots of love and reassurance from our staff, Bella realized that everything would be ok though. She started wiggling her little nub of a tail and becoming excited at the sight of a leash attached to a new friend.

Bella is happy now to meet new people and is eager to get right back into a good home. She is a beautiful, well behaved, friendly, girl that is housebroken, playful, active and very affectionate. She is selective with dogs and will need to meet another dog a few times to see if it's a good fit. She needs a cat-free home but she adores people of all ages.

Bella will be your loyal and loving best friend if you welcome her into your life.

Bella’s File #28550 For Adoption Information Call (609) 693-1900 or visit Associated Humane/Popcorn Park Zoo 


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